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Corded vs Battery-Powered Circular Saws : Pros and Cons

When choosing circular saw, you have key decision to make – do you want corded tool, or the one powered with battery. Lots of woodworkers, even experts, disagree on which one is better. But in my opinion, it’s up to you and what you need. Both have their advantages and flaws, and no one can tell you which one will suit your interests, unless they dig deep into what your needs are. Either way, i don’t recommend asking people point blank to tell you which one to buy. Instead, gather information on your own, and make educated purchase.

 Corded circular saws are much cheaper. They aren’t complicated, and don’t consist of too many moving parts, so making corded circular saws is much more straightforward process. That, of course, can influence the price as well, because the price of a product depends on how much effort it takes to build one. Their simple structure also gives them advantage of being more durable. Batteries are quite complicated, and it is common for them to malfunction. While on the other hand, corded tools are plain and simple to use. There’s no doubt that corded saws are much easier to build. That’s why they cost half of their battery-powered alternatives. But they have big disadvantages, too. For once, they are not as versatile as cordless circular saws. Cords usually get in the way of versatility, so you have to give up significant amount of flexibility in exchange for advantages i’ve mentioned before. Plus, whether it works or not depends on likelihood of having power outlet nearby. That’s not always the case, and it can be annoying. Corded circular saws also tend to be bulkier and bigger in size. Although that’s not always the case, and if you’re looking for small circular saws, this guide is a must-read.

 After reading that, advantages and disadvantages of cordless saws are probably somewhat obvious to you. Advantages are versatility in terms of usage. When you have one of these, you aren’t limited to being near home and power outlets to work on your woodworking projects. You can just have one in the trunk and grab it wherever you are, whenever you need it. Obvious disadvantage is it’s price, but there’s trick for that as well. If you buy all your power tools from one brand, like DeWalt for example, batteries are interchangeable so you will need to pay for only one battery and switch it from one tool to the other afterwards.

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